Polish Culture Minister: “Organising LGBT+ event is a provocation towards Pope John Paul II”

LGBT+ organisation Tolerado is organising a conference on 2 April in the European Solidarity Centre, but that’s ‘not done on the anniversary of the death of Pope Johan Paul II – according to deputy minister Jarosław Sellin. 

img_0260.jpgThe European Solidarity Centre in Gdansk commemorates the Polish fight against the communist rule in the 1980s – led by honorary chairperson and Nobel Prize Winner Lech Walessa. Besides that it also provides space for cultural and societal events.

Tolerado was not going to be the first to organise an event related to the LGBT+ community in the Centre. The last one was organised on 15 March and let to no controversies.

According to TVP, the conference was entitled “One life-long partner, or one-week-old one?”.

Selling commented on the announcement that “the promotion of such a radical ideology is contrary to the spirit of solidarity (Solidarność) and also to the statute of this institution (ESC)“. 

The ministry has already informed the ECS director about his critique and is now awaiting a reaction: “Stop this type of activities. ESC knows what to do. Certainly not this” – added the deputy minister.

Reaction Tolerado

IMG_20180915_143447Dominik Kaszewski (Tolerado) told Rémy Bonny that they want to refrain from the Minister’s comment: “This event is part of a cyclic meetings we organise, where we try to ‘demystify’ the LGBTQ community and show that, despite the stereotypes some might believe in, we are just like everyone else. The meetings are organised by us and scheduled once per month on Tuesdays in the European Solidarity Centre space open to all NGOs – the ECS does not take part in the events.”

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