Polish Gay Party Leader Robert Biedron releases 5 plans for more LGBT+ Equality

Today, the openly homosexual party leader Robert Biedron, announced a five-point plan to reach more LGBT+ equality in Poland.

He did that while chalking a rainbow in front of the Polish Presidential Palace in Warsaw.

This are the five points which Biedron proposed Today:

  1. Registered partnerships
  2. Marriage equality
  3. Protection against hate speech and hate crimes
  4. sex and anti-discrimination education
  5. A ‘gender agreement’

The plan exists out of five demands: “The 5 demands for equality for LGBT+ people still fall within the Polish constitution. We are different, but as equally important as the others.”, according to Robert Biedron.

For this five points, Biedron refers to article 32 and article 1 of the Polish constitution. Article 32 says that nobody can be discriminated against in Poland. Article 1 says that “the Republic of Poland is a common good of all citizens without exceptions. “Based on this two articles, the government should recognise marriage equality.”, says Biedron.

“Exactly what we need”

LGBT+ organisations from across the country welcome Biedron’s plan.

FB_IMG_1553208985317“The LGBT+ plan is exactly what our community needs. In fact, securing these rights will be a milestone, indicating that Poland finally has become a true democracy and real EU member state, providing rights of each single citizen on at least basic level. Biedroń’s plan is a minimum – and Today’s Poland is still far from it.”, tells Monika Tichy (president of Lambda Szczecin) to Rémy Bonny.

“We are so happy that finally our rights are supported and represented by a political movement which has real chance to enter the Parliament, a situation which has never happened in the history of Poland.”

Homophobic campaign

D1RnRUzWwAEGWN4The release of the plan came as an appeal to Polish president Andrzej Duda to stop the hate-campaign against LGBT+ people from his political party Law & Justice (PiS). Last week, PiS-leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski said that LGBT+ people should get their “hands off our children”. His party announced a visual campaign against the LGBT+ movement earlier that week.

Robert Biedron: “Today, Andrzej Duda can cut this cord, he can show courage, say “Jaroslaw, sorry, look after the party. I will defend my citizens.” But I guess he is afraid.”

In an interview for the 100th anniversary of the Polish independence Duda said that he wants to consider an ‘anti-gay propaganda law’ – like in Russia (November 2018).

Tichy(Lambda Szczecin) goes a step further: “Poland is the country with the second lowest in legal regulations for LGBT+ people in the EU, moreover, the ruling party PiS builds their political support on homophobic slogans, as nazis did that on antisemitism.”

Election campaign

“LGBT+ issues will become an important topic during the European election campaign in Poland.”, says political scientist Rémy Bonny. Bonny has lived in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe and studied LGBT+ politics as a researcher and activist for several years.

“There are several causes for this. First and foremost is the illiberal views towards democracy and European cooperation by the leading party in Poland, PiS. They perceive LGBT+ issues as the main example of how liberals are ‘messing up’ the society. Traditional family values are sacred for them. A second reason is the popularity amongst leftist, urbanised and young Poles for Robert Biedron – an openly homosexual politician. The last reason is the LGBT+ declaration of the Polish capital Warsaw – which wants to improve the living conditions of LGBT+ citizens in the city via for instance education.”, Bonny says.

Opinion polls

A recent opinion poll suggests that PiS (33%) might loose the European elections from the European Coalition (KE; 35%). KE is a composition of parties like the Civic Platform (PO) of Donald Tusk. Wiosna, the party of Robert Biedron is currently the third biggest party in Poland with 11%.

“PiS fears that the European elections might be an indication of a loss in the presidential elections in 2020.”, Bonny concludes.

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