Europe fails to protect its LGBTI-citizens

Last Friday, LGBTI activists in Poland were brutally beaten up by the police. Almost 50 peaceful activists were arrested and many wounded were reported. The European Commission is staying silent about the increasing violence against the LGBTI community in the EU. A Europe without values is no longer worthy to be called a 'Union'! The … Continue reading Europe fails to protect its LGBTI-citizens

Download ‘Solidarity with Polish Stonewall’-Poster

The announcement of a two months prison sentence for a LGBTI-activist led to unseen protests on the streets of Warsaw. Hundreds of LGBTI-activists convened in front of the offices of the Campaign Against Homophobia (KPH – Poland’s biggest LGBTI-organisation).  At least 48 activists were detained, and several were injured, after the police used excessive violence to crackdown on … Continue reading Download ‘Solidarity with Polish Stonewall’-Poster