Pride #3: Georgia’s Struggle For Equality & LGBTQ Media Silence (Podcast)

In this episode, Rémy Bonny discusses with the leader of Tbilisi Pride Giorgi Tabagari how the fight for equality continues in Georgia after widespread violence against the LGBTQ-community last year. With April Anderson, he discusses how search engine and social media algorithms have negative effects for the LGBTQ-movement.

My Top 10 LGBTI Of 2019

This year was a difficult year for the LGBTI-community. Many countries, who were once on the right path, took steps backwards. The people who want to prevent LGBTI-equality are internationally better organised than ever before. Nevertheless, these new challenges bring a lot of new opportunities for our LGBTI-movement. The next year should be the year … Continue reading My Top 10 LGBTI Of 2019