Pride #4: LGBTQ-Rights In The EU’s Most Religious Country: Romania (Podcast)

In this episode, Rémy Bonny discusses with the founding father of the Romanian LGBTQ-movement Florin Buhuceanu (ACCEPT Romania) the impact of the church in his country on the fight for LGBTQ-equality. Florin also serves as a leader in the Metropolitan Community Church in Bucharest. This podcast is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Deezer.

HIV-epidemic: Something from the past? Not in Romania!

  BUCHAREST - Searching for the entrance to the building, I discover a half vowed rainbow flag dangling in the front garden. It is the entrance to the headquarters of Romania’s main LGBTI-organisation: ACCEPT. The frayed flag couldn’t embody the political situation for the LGBTI-community in this post-communist country more. Florin Buhuceanu welcomes me very warmly … Continue reading HIV-epidemic: Something from the past? Not in Romania!