Lecturer & Researcher

Rémy combines advocacy work with in-depth research. He has been structurally monitoring and been in contact with victims of LGBTQI-related hate crimes in Central and Eastern Europe

His main research focusses on the way the demands of the LGBTQI-community have been reconstructing world politics. He’s been measuring the impact of Europeanisation on Ukraine in regard to LGBTQI-rights.

To the displeasure of the Russian Federation, Rémy has been tracking Russian intelligence in recent years and the way they behave in EU- and USA-based homophobic and transphobic networks. By doing that he was able to draw detailed connections between the Russian Institute of Strategic Studies and several European policy-makers. This research will be publish in parts in the coming year.

Recent lectures: 

  • 25/08/2018: International Committee of SOS-Homophobie, Paris, France
  • 14/11/2018: Stonewall Venezia, Venice, Italy
  • 06/12/2018: Legebitra Youth Center, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • 13/12/2018: GenderDoc-M, Chisinau, Moldova
  • 25/02/2019: LGBT History Month, Hatter Society, Budapest, Hungary
  • 04/04/2019: LGBT+ Conference, Middle Tennessee State University, Murfreesboro, Tennessee, United States of America
  • 07/08/2019: The Faking News, Sziget Festival, moderator: Ádám András Kanicsár, Budapest, Hungary
  • 10/08/2019: Gay Rights Are Future Rights?, Sziget Festival, moderator: Ádám András Kanicsár, Budapest, Hungary
  • 14/09/2019: Marsz Równości, Lambda Szczecin, Szczecin, Poland