Rémy is a vocal advocate for LGBTQI-rights across the world already for many years.

As a graduate of the Global Campus of Human rights he’s been working to professionalise the fight for the civil rights of LGBTQI-people in Central and Eastern Europe.

Behind the scenes, Rémy also lobbies at the highest levels of several Western governments to raise attention for the dangers of homophobic governments on world politics. Particularly, he has been advocating for strategies to prevent the Russian Federation of supporting USA- and EU-based homophobic and transphobic networks. He also supports and monitors the human rights situation of LGBTQI-people in Chechnya and revealed testimonials of a renewed purge in January 2019.

As an advocate, Rémy travelled around the world to spread the stories of the LGBTQI-community in Central and Eastern Europe. At the end of June 2019, Rémy was one of the speakers at the Stonewall Rally 50 Years Anniversary Commemoration in New York City – amongst Emma Gonzalez, US Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and Mayor Bill De Blasio. The event that commemorated the start of the modern LGBTQI-movement.

In 2018, he was also nominated by the Dutch TV Channel OUT tv for their Media Award, an award granted to the most LGBTQI-friendly media personality. Rémy received this nomaniation, after he went viral in the Belgian media when he received death threats for publishing an article on the rights of transgenders in Armenia in a Dutch-speaking magazine.