Latvian Rainbow Families Under Attack (PODCAST)

Have Russia, Poland and Hungary infected Latvia with the anti-LGBTQI virus? A new anti-LGBTQI constitutional amendment has been put forward by the Latvian Parliament. Selma Levrence of the Latvian NGO Protests Youth explains the situation to Rémy Bonny. 

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Five years ago, when Euro Pride was organised in Riga the future for the LGBTQI-community was looking bright. Recently, more negative LGBTQI-news come from Latvia.

Last year, the Constitutional Court ruled that same-sex couples need to have legal recognition. However, On January 7, members of one of the ruling parties in Latvia, National Alliance, submitted a draft amendment to the Constitution.

The draft law would introduce the exclusion and discrimination of various models of family, and most explicitly same-sex families. 

Last Thursday, the 14th of January, a majority of the Parliament declared the draft law admissible. This starts a procedure of several months, perhaps years, where an anti-LGBTQI campaign will dominate the political debate.

Will Latvia join other European countries like Russia, Poland and Hungary in scapegoating LGBTQI-people in an attempt to abolish democracy? 

Rémy Bonny invited Selma Levrence to discuss the anti-LGBTQI amendment to his podcast PRIDE. 

Selma is the chairwoman of Protest Youth, Latvia’s biggest youth-led progressive organisation. Her organisation wrote an open letter, co-signed by many other organisations in Latvia, to fight against the law. 

This podcast is available on Spotify & Apple Podcasts.

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