Hungarian PM Demands European Christian Democrats (EPP) to Fight Same-Sex Marriage

Yesterday, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban shared a memorandum demanding the European Peoples Party (the biggest fraction in the European Parliament) to start fighting against same-sex marriage. Political scientist Rémy Bonny warns for the impact of this call. 

“We gave up the family model based on matrimony of one woman and one man, and fell into the arms of gender ideology.”, according to Viktor Orban’s memorandum. 

The memorandum is just another episode in the struggle around Fidesz’ (Hungary’s ruling party, Orban is the leader) their membership in the EPP. Before the European elections, Fidesz its membership was temporarily suspended by the EPP’s leadership because of the several infringes of Hungary against the rule of law. In recent weeks, negotiations between Fidesz and EPP are on-going about the giving back of all party rights to the Hungarians.

“Especially the Germans seem to be willing to have Fidesz back on board. They fear to have less political power in the European Parliament if Fidesz leaves their fraction. The EPP lost a lot  of seats during the most recent European elections, but are still the biggest. If Fidesz leaves the EPP, they will have even less political power in the EPP. That gives Fidesz an extraordinary amount of power to change the direction the EPP is going, also on LGBTI-rights.”, according to Rémy Bonny.

Bonny: “Christian Democrats in countries like Belgium, Germany and Poland often stood up for LGBTI-rights in recent years. It’s up to them to draw the line and take decisive action against Viktor Orban. They should not give him so much power over the life’s of LGBTI-people all over Europe.”

Through increasing its hold of the Hungarian executive branch over the judiciary and the media, the administration of Viktor Orban introduced an illiberal conservative state model based on christian values.

Hungary’s fight against liberal democracy

In 2011, Orban changed the constitution, so only opposite sex partners can marry. Since then, his government has taken up a leadership role in Europe against LGBTI-rights. The state secretary for family affairs Katalin Novak hosted the ultra-conservative World Congress of Families in Budapest in 2017 and has cooperated with the Russian Institute of Strategic Studies on family policy. RISI is the same institute behind the interference in the American presidential elections. 

“For the Hungarians, the fight against LGBTI-rights is a method to fight the European liberal democracy. LGBTI-rights are the most successful achievement of liberal democracy of the last 20 years. That’s why they care so much about fighting the LGBTI-community.”, Bonny concludes. 

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