3 Days Before Polish Elections State Television Airs Anti-LGBTI Documentary

Tomorrow (10/10/2019) TVP1 will broadcast a documentary called ‘LGBT Invasion’. In the last months, the Polish TV served as the mouth-piece of the right-wing populist government in Poland.

The airing of the documentary will be three days before the general elections in Poland (13/10/2019).

In the last months, the Polish ruling party Law & Justice (PiS) built their election campaign on ‘the fear of the LGBT-ideology’.

The documentary will yammer the fact that LGBTI-people all over the country are encouraged to take part in Equality Marches all over the country and that some of these activists get paid by the LGBTI NGOs.

“Who and for what purpose finances LGBT Marches? What methods and sources of funding do they have? On how does the “LGBT invasion” work? , this Thursday at 20:00 on TVP1.”

Government mouth-piece

One of the media channels to spread this homophobia is the Polish state television – which became less independent since PiS is in power.

Last Sunday, opposition candidate of Civic Platform (PO) Rafal Lipski had to leave the studio of TVP during a talk show because he accused PiS and TVP of ‘hounding LGBT people’.

‘Ladies and gentlemen, this is how debate with the Civic Coalition looks,’ said the TVP-journalist after the PO-politician left.

Another example dates back to earlier this year. On the 23th of February – TVP’s talkshow ‘Salonie Dziennikarskim’ organised a debate on the accusations of pedophilia of Catholic priest Janowskiego and the introduction of the ‘LGBT+ declaration’ by Warsaw’s mayor Rafał Trzaskowski. TV-host Jacek Karnowski invited Jan Pospieszalski, Andrzej Rafał Potocki, Maciej Pawlicki and Wiktor Świetlik.

Musician and journalist Pospieszalski discussed the introduction of sex education in Poland. “Introducing sex-ed based on WHO standards will lead to children in a kindergarten being depraved, and in primary school they learn to masturbate and learn about the charms of contraception and homosexuality.” He further said that sex-ed would “at the same time promote the most radical forms of sexuality”, which he summarises as: “the promotion of pedophilia.”

Movie Director Pawlicki sees a conspiracy of the gay community. “Their goal is promoting and expanding the number of homosexuals”, according to the director of the 2016 movie ‘Smolensk’. As a conclusion he states that “homosexuality is like vampirism. The younger children experience it, the more their sexuality is disturbed.”

Terror Attempts

In recent weeks, there was an upheaval of violence towards the LGBTI-community in Poland. In the last two weeks, two attempts for a terror attack on an Equality March were prevented by the Polish police – something the government has stayed silent on.

The first terror attempt was during the Equality March in Lublin. A Neo-Nazi couple tried to get close to the Equality March, but the police prevented that from happening. When their backpacks were searched, several explosives were found.

The second attempt was during the Equality March in Wroclaw last weekend. Another fascist activist tried to stab LGBTI-people with a knife during the March. Luckily, the police was able to prevent this again. The perpetrator has been official accused with terrorism charges.

Wanna know more about the reasons why the Polish ruling party uses the LGBTI-community as an election scapegoat?

Sometime ago I wrote a piece about it for LGBTQ Nation.

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