Russian MP Responsible For Family, Women & Children: ‘Gays are sick’

In an interview with the public broadcaster Russia 1, Tamara Pletneva said homosexuality is a disease. According to Political scientist Rémy Bonny: “This interview is a good example of Russia’s homophobic discourse”.

The head of the State Duma (the Russian Parliament) Committee on Family, Women and Children Tamara Pletneva believes that homosexuals “should be treated.” She stated this on Vladimir Pozner’s TV-show, answering the host’s question about how she relates to the idea of criminal prosecution for homosexuality.

She answered positively to the question – in first instance. Later she rephrased herself and said she was referring to ‘pedophiles’.

“Tchaikovsky was also gay, but he was hiding it. What to punish? It is necessary to treat, ”said Pletneva.

During the interview she was also giving conservative opinions on abortion, sex-ed, HIV and the role of the woman in the family. (sources: ZNAK, CrimeRussia)

Homophobic discourse

Political scientist and LGBTQI-activist Rémy Bonny is not surprised by Pletneva’s comments. “SInce the protests in 2011 against the re-election of Vladimir Putin, gays are the internal enemy of the state. This led to the anti-gay propaganda law in 2013. A law who basically outlawed the LGBTQI community.”

A report by the Equal Rights Trust in 2016 also gave proof for this. “Out of the 200 cases of homophobia they investigated, none let to prosecution.”

He continues: “In Europe we think that comparing homosexuality with pedophilia is something from the past. This is not the case in Russia. It is part of the daily homophobic discourse. Homosexuals are perceived as demoral and a threat to the stability of the ‘Russian Motherland’.”

No reaction to Chechnya

While the situation in Russia is becoming worse by day, it is even worse in Chechnya. “Chechnya is an autonomous region in Russia. At the end – the Kremlin is still responsible for what is happening there. They just don’t react, because what’s happening in Chechnya is part of the political agenda of the Kremlin.”

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