Czech Lower House set to debate Same-Sex Marriage

The major parties in the Czech Republic declared to support the bill. The Czech Republic will be the first post-communist country to introduce same-sex marriage. (This article has a copyright disclaimer, see bellow)
In a delighted e-mail, the Jsme fér (We Are Fair) campaign let Rémy Bonnyknow that, a debate on same-sex marriage is on the agenda of the Czech Lower House on Wednesday 31 October.

The proposal came after the announcement in June of the Czech government that they would support a bill introducing same-sex marriage.

“The first reading of the ‘Civil Code amendment’ is to be included as a fixed item, which would open up the possibility of marriage for gay and lesbian couples. ”

This is a proposal presented by a group of 46 deputies headed by MP Radka Maxová. The amendment has already gained support from almost the entire political spectrum (ANO, Pirates, ČSSD, KSČM, STAN, TOP 09) of the chamber.

Michaela Pixová (PR-manager Jsme fér): “We expect a lively discussion on the subject, among other things, because the agenda also includes a constitutional amendment [by conservative parties] to define marriage as a union only between a man and a woman.”

If the vote passed the Lower House, it still needs to be accepted by the Senate. But that seems to be rather a formality.

Snowball effect

Political scientiest Rémy Bonny is not surprised by the event. He is a specialist in LGBTI-politics in Eastern Europe.

“About 67% of the Czech population is in favour of same-sex marriage. The Czechs have always been the most progressive and open towards the LGBTI-community from the Eastern Bloc. The bigger cities like Prague and Brno have a very vibrant and lively LGBT-scene and Pride marches attract tens of thousands of participants”.

“The LGBT-community in Central & Eastern Europe hopes this will create a snowball effect in their countries as well. Opinion polls show that the population in the Eastern European member states of the EU became much more progressive towards the LGBT-community in the last decade. Even in conservative countries like Poland and Hungary a majority of citizens is in favour of equality for the LGBT-community.”

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