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Rémy Bonny is the executive director of Forbidden Colours NPO. Forbidden Colours is an EU-wide fund that is working to make LGBTI-organisations more stable and sustainable. It serves as an advocacy group on defending LGBTIQ+ communities that are scapegoated by autocratic governments in Europe.

He is a political scientist and LGBTIQ+ activist from Belgium. He is a specialist in the way the LGBTIA+ movement’s demands construct international relations – specifically in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

In recent years, Rémy has been conducting research to the interactions between illiberal states like Vladimir Putin’s Russian Federation and the European Union and former Soviet Republics. Therefore, he has been living in Budapest, Brussels, Warsaw and Venice.

He graduated in 2018 as a Master of Science in Political Science at the Free University of Brussels(VUB) – where his dissertation was supervised by the well-known professor in international relations Dr. Jonathan Holslag. After his Master, Rémy graduated from the postgraduate programme of the Global Campus of Human Rights.

As an advocate and researcher in LGBTQI-Politics, Rémy travels around the world to talk to LGBTI-organisations, high-level policy makers and academics about his research and the situation in their countries and in the EU. His work has been featured in many international media like Time, The Guardian, Sky News, Le Monde, Libération, El Paìs and many more.

To see such a young person fighting so hard for equality reassures me that our future is in safe hands. Rémy’s work is impactful and incredibly important.

Ben Hunte – BBC LGBT Correspondent

Rémy is one of the best advocates in the world to raise LGBT-issues. We felt his kind, sensitive, professional and supportive approach towards the LGBT-community representatives in Armenia many times.

Lilit Martirosyan – Armenian Transgender Activist & Founder of ‘Right SIDE NGO’

Recent Posts

Expectations of Biden for LGBTQ Europe (PODCAST)

After 4 years of hate-monger by president Donald Trump, a democratic pro-LGBTQ leader is going to be in the White House. In this episode of PRIDE, Rémy Bonny discusses the expectations of the new Biden-Harris administration for the LGBTQ-movement in Europe with experts. During the Trump presidency, evangelicals supported the president’s administration spent millions of Euros … Continue reading Expectations of Biden for LGBTQ Europe (PODCAST)

Latvian Rainbow Families Under Attack (PODCAST)

Have Russia, Poland and Hungary infected Latvia with the anti-LGBTQI virus? A new anti-LGBTQI constitutional amendment has been put forward by the Latvian Parliament. Selma Levrence of the Latvian NGO Protests Youth explains the situation to Rémy Bonny.  Five years ago, when Euro Pride was organised in Riga the future for the LGBTQI-community was looking bright. Recently, … Continue reading Latvian Rainbow Families Under Attack (PODCAST)

Rainbow Doesn’t Offend – Court Trials Against Polish Activists (Podcast)

Today, the 13rd of January, the first court trial against LGBTI-activists accused of offending religious feelings will be held. The three activists are facing two years in prison. Rémy Bonny spoke to them for his podcast PRIDE. Last year, the Polish government started a war against sexual and gender minorities. Women and queer people have been … Continue reading Rainbow Doesn’t Offend – Court Trials Against Polish Activists (Podcast)

UPCOMING: Series Of Anti-LGBTI Laws in Hungary

Hungary is planning to introduce a series of laws that will negatively impact the LGBTI-community. The Parliamentary Initiative came right after the introduction of a lockdown to combat the coronavirus with a curfew at 8PM. Hungarian activists feel exhausted. Next to the abolishment of the Equal Treatment Authority, the Hungarian government is planning to change the constitution. “Christian … Continue reading UPCOMING: Series Of Anti-LGBTI Laws in Hungary

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